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Our Story

This project is about advocating for the missing faces in creative and STEM spaces. An accumulation of experiences, observations, and research has influenced our perspective on the importance of educational equity. Now, motivated by a sense of responsibility, the STEM+art Youth Enrichment Project aims to create spaces for deserving youth to receive learning that ignites their curiosity and fuels a path to discovery—ultimately leading more faces to more areas!

Let's keep this project going!

Our Team

Co-Founder, CMO, and Instructor

Hello, I'm Bella! I manage marketing and facilitate tutoring and STEAM enrichment projects.  I am skilled in coding, piano performance, sales, voice-over acting, videography, and Minecraft. With 2 years of teaching piano, my superpower is engaging learners in a way that sparks their curiosity and fuels their path to discovery!

Bella Michael

Founder, CEO, and  Director

Hello, I’m Ms. Angie! I support the team in keeping everything on track! I have a Bachelor’s in Music and a Master’s in Entertainment Business, which has afforded me the skills to foster comprehensive skill development. My superpower is creating a path for actors, musicians, and STEM students pursuing competitive universities.

Angela Provo

Enrichment Advisor

Hello, I'm Ms. Jones! I make sure projects and tutoring are designed for engagement, collaboration, and tangible outcomes. I have 16 years of teaching experience and a graduate degree in Special Education from Clark University. My superpower is meeting students where they are and helping them shine from there!

Nakema Jones

Our Approach

The STEM+art approach is to provide elementary and middle school youth with free online STEM+art enrichment. High school and college student volunteers play a crucial role in this initiative. Not only do they contribute to the educational development of younger students, but they also gain valuable teaching experience. Additionally, these volunteers receive national recognition for their commitment to enriching the lives of deserving youth through STEM+art education. It's a collaborative effort that benefits both mentors and mentees, fostering a community dedicated to learning and growth.

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