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Money 💰 and location 🌍 shouldn't stop fun-learning 💡 or leaders 🏅 from emerging. 💌 Here at STEM Plus Art, we understand how interdiscplinary enrichment leads to great ideas and those ideas drive leaders to making a difference! That's why we invite Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to party with the Arts! 🎨💡 When these ideas team up, the smart and creative sides of our brains get to have a fun, brainy party! 🧠🎉 But not everyone gets an invite to these kinds of parties. And to keep it 💯, the reasons are money and location. Like, that's NOT fair, right? 🙄 😒 🧩 But that's why we started STEM Plus Art, to help deserving kids get an invite to developing trending skills in a super fun way! 🫤 I too have experienced fun-learning barriers, and it's been amazing to have a community of supporters driving me to the STEAM party! 🥳 🤳🏽📸 Now, imagine us STEAMERS showing youth in deserving areas how fun-learning can make life better! 🥳 🎉 Sharing STEAM skills becomes this huge party where everyone's invited to learn, create, and celebrate amazing outcomes together, all while making a real difference!🎉🌟 ⌛️ To be continued... 📚 Now that I've shared a huge part of our story let's hear yours! 🗣 Tell us about your STEAM journey, or if you're interested in taking one with STEM Plus Art or both! 💟 Cheers! ~ Bella Michael Founder and Sr. Project Manager 📧 Email us now! 🙋🏽‍♀️ 

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⏱ Hours equals impact!

🏅Here at STEM Plus Art, we aim for 🏅The President's Volunteer Service Gold Award🏅 – 250 service hours in 12 months for ages 16-24!

🎯 Not only do you gain teaching experience, you'll achieve National Recognition for being a change maker!


🕑 To stay on course for the PVSA Gold Honor, an average of 5 hours per week will help tutors achieve this high honor! We totally understand weeks will vary more or less. 

We certify and honor your hours, and hope to see you achieve your goals!

Wondering how many hours?

What are the benefits of volunteering?

🎓 Gain teaching experience, earn national recognition, and build a standout résumé while having fun!

💸 Earn scholarships and collaborate with fellow STEAMERS on exciting community engagement missions! 🌟🚀📚

🌐 Our goal is to help volunteers become a well-rounded leaders through an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  

⚖️ Yes, service hours include a variety of opportunities. We need recruitment directors, outreach coordinators, social media managers, and more!


We help you develop and achieve in all areas!

Are there more ways to earn service hours?

🌟 Last Updated: Jan 25, 2024

⌚️ STEM Plus Art Service Hours Explained!

How to record hours?

📊 During the volunteer onboarding process students will gain access to our service hours tracking system!

Service hours?

🗓️ Online volunteering provides scheduling flexibility. Open your calendar for bookings (7) days a week between 8am - 8pm aligning with eastern standard time (EST)! 

🖥 You will have access to guided support and masterclasses on most Saturdays and Sundays! Schedules are updated monthly!

It's a top civilian honor and tangible proof of your commitment to being awesome! 🚀 It shows colleges and companies that you're more than just a talent, but you're someone who is motivated to lead and command solutions! 💡

Qualify, and we'll order the award for you. Join us to make a difference and earn those impactful hours! 🏆🚀💙

More about🏅PVSA🏅

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