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🚧 By removing learning barriers more creatives and leaders can emerge!  🚀


Angela Provo



Hey, I'm Ms. Angie! I'm here to make sure our projects rock and make a big difference for kids. Once upon a time ago, I earned B.S. in Music and my graduate degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University.

🦸🏾‍♀️ My superpower is helping STEAM students succeed in academia from skill development to audition and college prep!


Chad Dawkins



Aye, I'm, Chad. My superpower is dedication, just like a true Atlanta Falcons fan! I have a five year background in operations management with a certification in paralegal studies and negotiations.


🦸🏾‍♂️ My superpower is risk-management and driving behavior that empowers collaboration and growth. 


Nakema Jones

Director of  Youth Enrichment


Hello, I'm Ms. Jones! I ensure youth enrichment is designed for engagement, collaboration, and tangible outcomes. I have 16 years of teaching experience and a graduate degree in Special Education from Clark University.


🦸🏽‍♀️ My superpower is meeting students where they are and helping them shine from there!


Bella Michael

Founder /  Sr. Project Manager

Hey there, I'm 🎀 Bella! 🎀. I am a STEAM student with a focus in piano performance, video production, voice-over work, acting, and coding. I've studied piano for nearly a decade under great mentors, and now learn from Dr. Rachel Chung at Spelman College. Currently, I'm a dual enrollment student focusing on AV Tech, comp sci for AI, business, and social media marketing.

🦸🏽‍♀️ My super power is teaching! I have a gift for helping kids learn and retain concepts that spark their curiosity and foster purpose! 

is on a mission to enrich young minds with accessible fun-learning!🚀🌟

Our Squad!
Keep our projects going!

Money 💰 and location 🌍 shouldn't stop fun-learning 💡 or leaders 🏅 from emerging. 💌 Here at STEM Plus Art, we understand how interdiscplinary enrichment leads to great ideas and those ideas drive leaders to making a difference! That's why we invite Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to party with the Arts! 🎨💡 When these ideas team up, the smart and creative sides of our brains get to have a fun, brainy party! 🧠🎉 But not everyone gets an invite to these kinds of parties. And to keep it 💯, the reasons are money and location. Like, that's NOT fair, right? 🙄 😒 🧩 But that's why we started STEM Plus Art, to help deserving kids get an invite to developing trending skills in a super fun way! 🫤 I too have experienced fun-learning barriers, and it's been amazing to have a community of supporters driving me to the STEAM party! 🥳 🤳🏽📸 Now, imagine us STEAMERS showing youth in deserving areas how fun-learning can make life better! 🥳 🎉 Sharing STEAM skills becomes this huge party where everyone's invited to learn, create, and celebrate amazing outcomes together, all while making a real difference!🎉🌟 ⌛️ To be continued... 📚 Now that I've shared a huge part of our story let's hear yours! 🗣 Tell us about your STEAM journey, or if you're interested in taking one with STEM Plus Art or both! 💟 Cheers! ~ Bella Michael Founder and Sr. Project Manager 📧 Email us now! 🙋🏽‍♀️ 

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