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Meet the Board

At STEM Plus Art, our advisory board members are like superheroes on a mission to democratize cool learning! Together, they use their superpower wisdom to make education more fun and accessible for everyone! 🚀🎨

Hello, I'm Ms. Jones! I ensure youth enrichment is designed for engagement, collaboration, and tangible outcomes. I have 16 years of teaching experience and a graduate degree in Special Education from Clark University.

My superpower? Meeting students where they are in their learning then helping them shine from there!

Nakema Jones

Educator / Enrichment Advisor

Meet Lisa L. Heath, Attorney extraordinaire! 🎓 With a background in law, Lisa serves as the Legal Division Director for a large international union, collaborating with major employers like Kroger and Kaiser Permanente. 🌍 Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Lisa holds a degree in Political Science from Howard University and a Juris Doctor from the University of Miami. 🏛️ Lisa's passion for Family Law led her to become a subject matter expert and a filmmaker, producing documentaries like "A Fatherless Child – Diary of Absence." 🎥 She's also the founder of "Seed In the Earth," inspiring others as a public speaker and coach. 💪 Lisa's commitment to excellence extends beyond her legal career; as she is a superhero advocate for deserving youth enrichment!

~ Lisa Heath

Attorney at Law / Legal Advocate for Youth Enrichment

Introducing May, a valued member of the STEM Plus Art board! 🌟 With a passion for education and community, May has been making a difference in the lives of students for years. From tutoring mathletes to mentoring underrepresented youth in STEM, May is dedicated to fostering learning and growth. Currently serving as a STEM mentor at STEM Plus Art, May brings expertise in operations management and project coordination. With a Green Belt certification in Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing, May's superpower lies in streamlining operations and managing projects efficiently to ensure success.

~ Maylon Ellington 

Industrial Engineer / Operations Advisor 

Meet the Founders

Our squad is on a mission to leverage their education, skills, and experiences to deliver accessible fun learning, project management skills, and pathway development to deserving students of overlooked Atlanta communities, and beyond!🌟

Angela Provo

CEO / Sr. Project Manager

Hey, I'm Ms. Angie! 🌟 I'm here to ensure our projects shine and create a big impact! With a B.S. in Music and a graduate degree in Entertainment Business, I'm all about talent development.

🎶 My superpower? Guiding students to ace auditions and reach their goals, whether for talent representation or college admissions. I love setting, tracking, and achieving goals! 🦸🏾‍♀️

Chad Dawkins

COO / Janitor

Hey, I'm Chad! With seven years of experience in operations management and a certification in paralegal studies and negotiations, I'm your go-to guy for keeping things running smoothly from identifying opportunities to presenting solutions, while maintaining a collaborative environment on track for growth.


🏈Dedication is my superpower! #Atlantafalconsfan! 🦅

Bella Michael

Project Manager

Hey there, I'm 🎀 Bella! 🎀, piano performance, film, acting, business, marketing, and coding student. There is so much power in combining STEAM disciplines because it leads to big ideas and creative solutions!

🦸🏽‍♀️ My super power? I am awesome at paying-it-forward by teaching others what I've learned! I can help kids learn and apply STEAM concepts that spark curiosity and foster purpose! 

Keep ourprojects going!

 STEM Plus Art is a registered 501(c)(3) Organization!

EIN: 86-2710055





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Our Mission

 🎯 Make fun learning accessible to Atlanta youth and beyond!  🚀

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